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Product - Engine Ionizer

We tested it on two vehicles and it works!

Test results and Specifications

It is safe to say, “Everyone would like to improve the mileage in their gasoline powered vehicles.” The manufacturers of the Ionizer advertise their product will do just that--improve gas mileage. They also claim the Ionizer will increase power and reduce emissions.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, until I tested it myself. The ionizer was installed on a 2002 Chevy pickup, 1995 Jeep Cherokee and on a Chevy 350 motor in a Jeep. All three vehicles have computer controlled fuel injection systems and all three have exposed spark plug wires. In order to install an Ionizer, the spark plug wires must be accessible. It worked

Testing the Engine Ionizer
MORE Technical pictures & results page 3

Increase Engine Performance

Gas Milage

Easy to Install


Cost Effective 4 cycle - $40.00, 8 -cycle $80.00

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